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Awakening - 75
Awakening - 75

It is said that an evil which is ancient of days, will return and wage his great war which will convert or kill every living thing. It is also said that the union of the Dragon family and the coming of the Black Dragon, will hale the fall of this evil tyranny giving mankind a chance of survival and a lasting peace. A precious Dragon heirloom ‘The Book of Origins’ / 'Shiyuuiden' is stolen by a sinister being known as Onitsu, who will stop at nothing to see the return of his master and his master’s dream of supreme ruler realised. With the demise of ‘Priest’s’ best friend and the book’s protector ‘Byakko’ at the hands of Onitsu, ‘Priest’ is now left to tell the bad news to ‘Ryu-o' The Dragon King and the other Dragon heads as they now have to prepare themselves for a time trouble. What actions will the Dragons take to get back what is lost to them?

Legend Of The Black Dragon is published by 8 Mountains Publications - via CSPP.

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